Current Programmes

  • Alan Steadman's Jazz Waves

    The very best of Jazz from across the years, presented by the longest standing jazz radio presenter in the UK.

  • Dom Chambers' Life Stories

    Dom says: "The wellbeing of people and supporting those with less opportunity are the key drivers for all my work. We live in times that elevate the necessity of this approach. Care Radio is born of these times".

  • Peter Milburn's Sentimental Journey

    For anyone who enjoys a trip down memory lane listening to everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to David Whitfield, Alma Cogan to Dickie Valentine, or Connie Francis to Tony Bennett.

  • Peter Fairhead's Country Show

    Peter says: "I'm absolutely delighted to be part of Care Radio, playing the music I love and have spent the last forty years presenting on the radio".

  • Dave Price with The 80s Show

    Dave says: ""I hope , through my knowledge of music, my sense of humour, and a real interest of how music affects your mood, reaches emotions and prompts memories, I am very much looking forward to being on air with and spending some time with you."

  • Richard Allan's Musicals, Movies and Memories

    Richard says: "I think many people are unaware of how much an impact being a carer can have on people’s lives. I am delighted to have this opportunity through Care Radio to offer some kind of support throughout the music I play".

  • Alex Cann

    Alex says "I have huge admiration for the care sector, which dates back to my own stint in Sheffield Children's Hospital in 1991 having a leg lengthening operation. The nurses were just fantastic, and I feel this is my opportunity to give something back to a profession that has faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years."

  • Andy Hoyle

    Andy says "Care Radio has re-focused me on why I loved radio so much in the first place. It’s great to know, that even in a small way, we can make a difference by being a friendly voice when it’s needed, providing company and companionship".

  • Ernie Rowe

    Ernie says: "I’ve experienced first-hand the astonishing level of care given by so many remarkable people in our NHS, despite near-impossible circumstances and the lack of pop-star wages".

  • Helen Bowden

    Helen says: ""My heart goes to anyone having to care full time for a loved one or as a job. You are amazing and brilliant people and should never be underestimated".

  • Martin Emery

    Martin says: "when we think about it, we all probably know somebody - a friend, a colleague or family member - who provides care, either professionally or unpaid. Care Radio is for them."

  • Matt Rosser

    Matt says: "people who care for us - in hospitals, homes, wherever care is needed - are people we are lucky to have. If we didn’t acknowledge it before, we certainly do now and we mustn’t stop".

  • The Dave Price Jukebox

    Dave says: ""Hopefully I can bring a little bit of fun and happiness into the lives of others. If so, I will consider that a job well done. I look forward to you not only listening ,but interacting with me".

  • Paul Hutton

    Paul says: "It probably sounds a bit twee, but I genuinely am honoured to be giving something back to the amazing people, paid and unpaid, that selflessly help others every day".

  • Last Week On Care Radio

    A lookback at some of the highlights of the last week or so on Care Radio, including care related stories, interviews and selections from our special music shows including Jazz Waves with Alan Steadman and Peter Milburn's Sentimental Journey