Channel Hopping with Al Dupres


"Ever since I learnt how to switch our television set on, I've been a Channel Hopper, wearing out the numbered buttons on the remote control. I'm the person who's more excited by the bits in-between the programmes, which means I love TV theme tunes, but I couldn't actually tell you much about what happens in the shows themselves.Channel Hopping is basically a snapshot of all that. There are themes, songs, music from old adverts, and a lot more. It's a voyage of discovery into what's turned out to not be a wasted childhood after all."

"I'm really chuffed to be able to play a small part in Care Radio's programme schedule. I've always believed radio to be a friend and companion, and I hope I can help bring a smile to your face and keep you company.
My Mum had carers on a daily basis following a stroke and a number of falls, and this is just one way I can show my gratitude. Thank you."

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