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The creation of Care Radio is a direct response to the Covid pandemic that has impacted so many lives across the UK particularly focusing on carers at home, in the NHS and across the care home sector.

Care Radio has been designed to harness the public’s empathy and provide
individuals, business and organisations with the opportunity to su
pport the nation’s carers. 

The audience for Care Radio is primarily of carers: that is staff working in the NHS and in care environments as well as millions of unpaid carers, who have faced huge personal risk in contracting or transmitting Covid;
physical & emotional challenges whilst caring for others with often limited resources and the ensuing emotional stress and pressure in providing quality care with high anxiety about loss of life. This is a huge cohort of just over nine million people.


Living with the risk, impact and restrictions of Covid has had a hugely adverse effect on the wellbeing of so many carers and is likely to be an on-going issue with long-lasting impact for this group. It is currently estimated that one in five front line NHS care staff alone will need mental health support in the next 12 months.


As a not for profit CIC registered organisation, Care Radio is led by industry experts from the radio and care sectors, as we launch, everyone working on this is volunteering their time and energy free of charge to say thank you and support those who have given so much.

Care Radio is a dedicated 24/7 nationwide radio station using a mix of popular music, listener voices, experts, advocates and relatable presenters to deliver a positive message of support, comfort and companionship as well as light relief for care workers and their families.

Care Radio aims to support the emotional well-being of care workers by signposting the support available; sharing problems and concerns; lifting spirits with stories and celebrating achievements; and creating a feeling of not ‘being in it alone’.

Anyone and everyone is invited to express their empathy and support through Care Radio’s specially designed programs with their kind words, deeds and offers of help in a variety of ways. We will channel any donations, promotions, special offers, gifts, freebies, incentives, thankyous to the NHS and the care sector, channelling corporate social responsibility and personal gifting directly to those who have done so much for us.


Care Radio has already received immense support from presenters, producers, journalists, creatives and together with suppliers donating services, supplies and licences it is able to launch and prove the immediate value of caring for our carers.The opportunity for individuals, business and organisations to support the care sector in the UK that has given so much, is now. Please complete the form below if you have any questions:

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