Young Carers

An occasional one-hour programme recognising, supporting and celebrating the work of young carers, presented by Luke Dudley and Lucy Hutton.

Luke says: "I’ve chosen to support Care Radio because the last few years have taught me just how important it is to look out for those nearest and dearest to you. But sometimes, not everyone has that luck and carers are on hand to provide that vital support. I also want to help provide opportunities to those young carers in the community who will aspire to do great things alongside the amazing work they do as a carer and by working with the fabulous Lucy Hutton, we’ll do that by supporting the Young Carers programme."

Lucy says: "Working on Care Radio is a way to give something back to the legions of carers who have already had a huge impact on my life". During a tough time in high school, Lucy was supported by some overwhelmingly compassionate and inspiring carers who helped her to cope. Recently she's experienced carers at close hand with her grandparents; her grandmother cared for her grandfather in the last years of his life, and Lucy was in awe of how she took to the unpaid caring role without any training at all.  When her grandmother herself needed looking after in a care home during the pandemic, the wonderful carers became Nana’s second family while visiting restrictions were in place.  “Carers do such a difficult and admirable job, and young carers often feel they have to hide the home role they play from their peers,” Lucy says.  “I hope the show can be an outlet which will give them comfort that they are not alone.”

Here are the Young Carers shows

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