Are You Aware We Care

There is a “hidden army” of young carers in the UK, a recent study reveals that 800,000 secondary aged young people in England are caring for a parent or sibling. This series follows six young and young-adult carers, hearing their stories, giving them a voice and learning about the daily challenges at different stages of life.

We uncover their feelings, and find out what help they need to achieve. We talk to the people around them to see how different their lives are compared to peers, and hear from schools, young carer leads and unearth what additional support they might or might not receive, discovering how well known and understood their situation is.

These young people are so inspirational, and so articulate. They have had to grow up quickly with their voices, like their role as carers, often hidden from the world around them. This series raises the profile of young carers and encourages listeners, schools, agencies, councils and the government to engage in conversation.


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