Helen Bowden

You can hear Helen at various times across the week. She says:

"I'm here on Care Radio for a few reasons.

"Firstly I LOVE it and after the year we've had I feel the care sector needs as much care and support as we can give and this is the vehicle to do so.

"Secondly I have been a carer. My sister was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, she lived in New York. She underwent numerous operations and each time I went out to the US to care for her. She had the cancer gene sadly and there was no cure. In May 2018 I went out when the cancer went to her brain. I spent 6 weeks being her sole carer as she became weaker and weaker and unable to do anything. I had never had to care in this way before and it was lonely at times and so very hard.

"My heart goes to anyone having to care full time for a loved one or as a job. You are amazing and brilliant people and should never be underestimated."

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